NanChang County, as the First County of the provincial capital in Jiangxi, always regards the industrial economy as its main task and make great effort to strengthen the park, bigger and stronger industry cluster, make new breakthroughs in the construction of modern industrial Metro. In 2012, the total industrial added value was 22.21 billion RMB with an increasement of 13.1% compared with the previous year, accounting for 50.7% of the county's total economy, an increasement of 1.2 percentage points over the previous year. Industry spur economic growth by 6.7% and contributs to the economic growth by 48.5%. The scale industy added value was 14.36 billion RMB with an increasement of 15.3%.

     NanChang County is mainly a agricultural farming and feed county, known as the "land of fish and rice" and "Jiangnan granary Fitch”. It ranks into the big grain producing couty of 1 billion kilograms’ grain production. The pig & poultry, vegetable output and aquatic products all ranks the forefront of the province; It has three "business card”—the modern agricultural demonstration zone, the national rural reform pilot area and the province's urban & rural development pilot county; the brand number of organic, green, pollution-free agricultural continues to dominate the first in the province, which contribute a lot to its"ecological Poyang Lake, green agricultural” brand.
    As the First County of the provincial capital in Jiangxi and with the unique regional superiority that is surrounding NanChang city from three sides, NanChang County, is an important logistics distribution center as well as the trade and transit hub. Da Runfa supermarket is opened for business, Hengda five-star hotel mainly completed, Wal-Mart successfully settled down, the I Chiemsee international tourist resort, the Provincial Traffic Planning and Design Institute Headquarters,Zhong Fei International Hotel, Edinburgh Commercial Street, Ping Lan integrity logistics distribution center, Ren Ren LE supermarkets, China Resources Vanguard Supermarket orderly run their business, Joy City, Moon & Star furniture start to construct, the commerce pattern of "big city shopping malls, the city's supermarkets, suburban big market" is getting more sophisticated and popular, commercial atmosphere is getting better and better.
Location advantage
    NanChang County, located in the south of NanChang City has the unique regional superiority that is surrounding NanChang city from three sides , known as " the First County of the provincial capital" in Jiangxi. It is in the core area of “central up-rising region of China”, it only takes 6-8 hours to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Xiamen, ShenZhen,Guangzhou and other main cities in eastnorth area.
Traffic advantage
    Three national roads of 105, 316, 320 are intersected in NanChang County, and the Beijing-kowloon, Zhejiang-Jiangxi, Anhui-Jiangxi and other railways run across the county. The Xiangtang railway freight marshalling yard in this area ranks second in China, the first in southern China. The county is only 15 kilometers from the city center, and only 30 km away from the Changbei Airport. Ganjiang River can reach to Yangtze River. The county can reach the developed areas of Yangtze River delta, Pearl River Delta and southern Fujian areas for only 6 hours by express high way .
Human resources advantage
    the province's two largest university park-- NanChang east and Hongjiao sandbarand assume fan-shaped like two wings in my county. The county has jiangxi dress institute, jiangxi university of science and technology, jiangxi biological science and technology academy and other kinds of universities and colleges adds up to over 6, 11 secondary vocational and technical schools and, every year can provide enterprises with numerous high-quality talent. There is 18 provincial and municipal level scientific research institutes in the county, 4 large enterprise research and development center, 86600 professionals of all kind, personnel of intermediate title and above accounting for 4% of the city. According to incomplete statistics: famous and successful people come from my county adds up to 739, 12 people of them are in Beijing department (bureau) class or above, 514 people are in the provincial and municipal class or above.
Logistics advantage
    our county is the important logistics base and trading transit hub. Xingfa logistics, new Hong Ke Long supermarket, department stores, Vienna shopping plaza enter into the couty; Food street, building materials street, clothing street and other street of all characteristic is heating up. The Xiao Lan poultry & eggs market, NanChang Chemistic market, golden decoration city and HongCheng auto parts and other large professional market continuously upgrade; The "city shopping mall, city stores, suburban big market" business pattern is being better and better.
Industry advantage
    NaChang County forms five pillar industries as Automobiles & Parts, Food & Beverage, Medicines and Medical Devices, Electrical Motor and Electrical Device, and Textile Fabric. Last year, a total of five industry output value is 16.86 billion RMB, accounting for 65.4% of all industrial scale, become rapid increasement power of my county’s economic. Environmental advantage: The natural environment is good: blue sky, white clouds, birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers, fresh air, first-class air and first-class water. The development environment is good: the whole county are seeking for ways of development,administrating according to law. Consciousness of supplying the high quality service is obviously improved and the social security is in good condition.