The geographical position
    NanChang county is located in the central north of Jiangxi province, at the downstream of GanJiang River and FuHe river, lies at the shore of poyang lake. Latitude 28 ° 16 '~ 28 ° 58' and longitude 115 ° 49 '~ 116 ° 19'. It is 36 kilometers from east to west wide, 77 kilometers from the south to the north. It adjacent to JinXian county on the east, FengCheng city on the south, XinJian county on the west and north with Ganjiang River in between, Poyang lake on the northeast, surrounding NanChang city on three sides.
Climate characteristics
    NanChang county is a subtropical humid climate zone. Features are: mild climate, four distinct seasons, abundant rain, and plenty of sunshine. Because of the geographical location and the influence of the monsoon, it formed a "spring rain with low temperature, late spring and early summer flooding, summer hot and drought, autumn climate cool and lack of rain, winter cold and short frost period " climate. Average annual temperature is 17.8 ℃, annual average sunshine is 1603.4 hours, annual average precipitation is 1662.5 millimeters, annual average frost season is 89 days.
Resources characteristics
    Land resources: the cultivated land area is 1.18 million mu, fertile land, suitable for all kinds of crop.
    Water resources: NanChang county has developed drainage, GanJiang River, FuHe river and Qingfeng River run across the county, the average runoff is about 87 billion cubic meters, with ditch crisscross, lakes, ponds dotted.
    Animals and plants resources: the county forestry land (including garden) is about 73000 acres, accounted for 3%. There are lots of plant and animal resources, there are more than 120 kinds of plants and more than 240 kinds of animal species, including national key protected animal headed by the most precious fugu and hoary head crane.