Historical evolution
    Nanchang city belonged to yangzhou in the ancient. Historians generally believe that: the Nanchang county was initial set in the fifth year of Emperor Gao of Western Han dynasty (202 BC), authotized by changsha kingdom, belonged to Yu Zhang. At the beginning, nanchang county included today’s XinJian county, FengCheng county, JinXian county 4 counties and the some areas nearby, totally about 7500 square kilometers. In XinMang period, NanChang county was renamed as YiShan county belonged JiuJiang. In Eastern Han dynasty, the three kingdoms,Jin dynasty, NanChang county belonged to Yu Zhang. In the 2nd year of WeiWen emperor, Sun Quan was authorized as a king, so NanChang county was belonged to Wu country. Sun Quan devided the south of his country as FuCheng county (now FengCheng), since then Nanchang and FengCheng was departed and authorized individually. Sui and Tang dynasty (A.D. 589-742), NaChang county renamed as Yu Zhang, belonged to HongZhou .



Brief history of Humanistic
    Humanity of NanChang county is of long history, profound details, large Numbers of talents. According to guangxu version of the “record of nanchang county "and other relevant records, since the beginning of imperial examination system in the past dynasty, there were 1 person in top one(called Zhuang yuan),At the first year of Tang baoying(AD 762), to avoiding the same with name of emperor at that time (cs17), it renamed as Zhong Ling county, belonged to HongZhou. At the first year of Zhen Emperor in Tang dynasty (AD 785), it was changed into NanChang county again and since then never changed the name any more, belonging to HongZhou. At the 6th years of northern Song dynasty(AD 981),the west part of NanChang county was seperated and named by XinJian county, since then NanChang county and XinJian county was authorized individually.
The 2nd years of ChongNing Emperor in north Song dynasty (AD 1103), JinXian town was uograded as JinXian county, since then NanChang county and JinXian county was authorized individually . At Southern Song dynasty, Zhou was upgraded as Fu, NanChang county belonged to LongXin Fu. In Yuan dynasty, NanChang county was belonged to Long Xing road. The 15th year of republic, nanchang set city, city and county authorized individually. NanChang county belonged to Jiangxi province. Since the 21nd year of republic, it was the first administrative region in Jiangxi province. Since the 28th year of republic, it was the 11th administrative region. Since the 31st year of republic, it belonged to the first zone,. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China(AD 1949), it belonged to Nanchang authorized zone. In September 1958, it was classified to Nanchang city. In July 1961, it was classified to Yichun zone. Since November 1967until now, it was returned to Nanchang city. Since NanChang county location is superior, the comprehensive strength is stronger, it gained the reputation of "Po Yang first county of Jiangxi’s provincial capital".2 person in the second place(called Bang Yan), 598 person in the third place
(called Jin Shi), 1048 in the forth place(called Ju Ren) as in literature test; 1 person in the fifth place (called Tan Hua) as in Kongfu test. 1617 famous people was recorded in the book, such as Xu Ruzi "sat on the couch of Chenfan", JingTang (prime minister) “went to Jin country with successful fulfillment” the, ChenShu “with competent national finance achievements was significantly promoted to vice (ChenZhiZhong, after bearing his father's profession, was promoted to prime minister), the father and son who was“bravery and madevthe enemy appalled” –LiuXian and LiuTing, Peng YuanRui who was “ with great literary talent and famous in that time and participated in editing of four imperial collection are the examples of the outstanding person.