People’s Life
    By the end of 2012, total population of the county was 100 million, increased more than 9800 people compared with the previous year. The birth population was 13761, the birth rate was 13.85 ‰; Death population was 4775, the mortality rate was 4.81 ‰, The natural growth rate was 9.04 ‰. sex ratio of birth population is 113.15:100 . By the end of 2011, average wage of workers in the county town was 26988 RMB per year, increased by 11.4%. According to the sampling survey, the average rural net income was 8621 RMB in the county, increased 1221 RMB compared with the same period of last year, increased by 16.5%. Rural residents’ food consumption cost accounts for 44.5% of the total household consumption (the engel coefficient), decreased by 1.4% over last year.
Society Insurance
    In 2012, the county’s fiscal expenditures in education, health, social security and employment amounted to 1.6 billion RMB, with the increasement of 463 million(40.4%) over last year.With the new increased investment of 67 million RMB, the gross amounts to 10 billion RMB, 8 aspects(61 pieces) of people's livelihood key projects had completed. The citizenr social pension insurance pilot county was started, the new rural social old-age insurance rate reached 92%; insurance coverage of unemployment, work injury, maternity and medical and other social was expanding. The new urban employment and the transfer of rural labor force was nearly 20000 people, " zero employment family " placement rate reached 100%, the small loan was 120 million RMB. The fund of 43 million RMB was sent to help 7146 urban low-income family (about 17200 persons); The fund of 50 million RMB was sent to help 21 thousand rural low-income family (about 35 thousand persons); the rural medical aid fund of 16 million RMB was sent to help 4552 persons; the urban medical fund of 3.7 million RMB sent to help 1803 persons.
Medical & Health
    By the end of 2012, there are 26 health institutions, including 4 hospitals, 1 maternal and child care service centre, 1 specialized subject disease prevention and control institute, 1 disease prevention and control center,one health supervision, and 19 township health centers. Health and technical personnel adds up to 1551, including 580 medical practitioners and assistant medical practitioners, 557 registered nurse, 155 pharmacists. The hospital and health center contains 1106 beds. Township health center has 496 beds, 869 health technicians. 742900 farmers join in Medical cooperation , that is 95.94%. The residents health archives construction meets the standards.