The first county of Jiangxi Province—Nanchang county is an ancient south county with long history, rich culture, beautiful scenery, lots of historical sites, has the most stocks of sound cultural relics of county level or above, the main tourist scenic spots are: Phoenix Ditch scenic area; Cheng Bihu Lake Park; Cao Ruo village which is Cao Xueqin’s ancestral home in WuYang; East Buddhist temple、Dicang temple and Longhua temple in Youlan town; Linggong Temple in Tangnan town; "Professor" village, Taoist state forest park and Buddhist Mountain scenic area in Gangshang town;White tiger hill scenic spot in Huangma town; Forever Wood Li village and ancient house of a king named Lilinin Tang dynasty in Guangfu town; and Sanjiang Houwan
ancient village, etc are listed as tourism resources of great develpment potential in my county, the municipal government and tourism administration bureau have all tourist attractions resources we listed in Nanchang county included in the Nanchang City Tourism Development Planning, in which, one pot was listed as the first level of scenic spots (i.e., Forever wood li village folk houses); three spots were listed as a secondary scenic spots (i.e., a king in Tang dynasty called Liling’s tomb, Horses Swim Mountain, East Buddhist Ttemple); one spot was listed as the third level of scenic spots (namely White Tiger Hill); 3 places were listed as the key and lately under-construction projects in Nanchang city overall tourism planning (namely the construction of origin Cao xueqin Memorial Hall in WuYang town, Horses Swim Mountain Temple, and Forever Wood Li Village folk houses). Cheng Bihu Lake Park has been named "ten big night scene" and “level 1 three-star” park in Nanchang city.