On November 10th, the county "study and implement the 19th spirit and thorough going efforts to promote peace and prosperous ChangNan" conference held in the county cultural convention and exhibition center, vice secretary of the county, county, county comprehensive management office director Chen Xiang, the county party committee member, politics and law committee secretary Chen Jianhua, the county party committee standing committee Chen Weifeng, deputy director of the county peoples congress standing committee Liu Xiaomao, deputy county magistrate YanJianBao, county court Hu Jianhua, the commissar Zhou Qinglu county public security bureau to attend the meeting.
Chen xiang pointed out, the communist party of China (CPC) has an important discussion on the construction of safe China, stressing that it is necessary to strengthen and innovate social management, maintain social harmony and stability, and ensure the long-term stability of the country and the people's well-being.