On December 8th, deputy secretary of the county committee, Chen Xiang, the county commissioner, presided over the 25th executive meeting of the county government. Zhang Donglin, deputy head of the county committee and the standing county, the county committee and county government party member Tao Yiguo, deputy county magistrate WuXi, Yan Jianbao, Liu Yu, Min Yuangen, Hu Zhaohui and others, the county government working committee secretary of the party member, the XiangTang development zone Li Guangxiang attended the meeting.
The conference first watched the "media spotlight", which reported the rectification of the media spotlight and the issue of this issue. The meeting emphasized; Media condenser review of the previous period of the Olympic garden district dump point problem and lotus pond crystal square property from field problems, the villages and towns and related functional departments should arrange personnel tracking disposal, in a timely manner to the property company.