On December 16th, The TaCheng town TaCheng chamber of commerce is formally established. Deputy director of the provincial agriculture department Wan Guogen, provincial procuratorate the original disciplinary inspection group leader, the supervisory department chief Yu Genfeng, county peoples congress standing committee director Huang Zhiliang, county peoples congress researcher Huang Lianke, Wang Sanmao attended the meeting. Wan Guogen and Huang Zhiliang attended the opening and licensing of tower city chamber of commerce.
Huang Zhiliang congratulate the establishment of the chamber of commerce, he hopes, chamber of commerce to formally established as an opportunity, as soon as possible formation of democratic decision-making, democratic management and democratic supervision, standardized and orderly operation mechanism, development chamber of commerce in force, give play to the role of chamber of commerce functions, to build Bridges between the government, enterprises and talents.