On the morning of the 1st, the short-wave radio training and project acceptance of the city's air defense system was held in our county. Zhou Jiandong, deputy director of the Municipal Civil Air Defense Office, participated in the on-site testing and acceptance.


At 10 o'clock in the morning, all personnel of the city’s air defense systems are in place, and they are ready to respond. Short-wave radio manufacturers’ technical personnel guide the erection of antennas, alignment frequencies, and technical protection points. Each county’s districts are set up to take turns in an antenna and Nanchang’s air defense information protection. The center conducted the test of connection and passed the inspection on the spot, and all the test indexes reached the specified requirements. Short-wave radio stations are the means of protecting the bottom of the air defense system against air raids. They have important strategic and tactical significance for tasks such as conducting anti-air raid strikes and completing emergency support guarantees.


The site acceptance of the project marked the completion of the construction of the city’s short-wave radio system for civil air defense systems.