On the afternoon of the 7th, Wang Jianping, director of the Xiaolan Economic Development Zone Management Committee, visited some of the enterprises in the park to do investigation and research. Xiao Lan Jingkai District Party Committee member and Secretary of the Jigong Working Committee Ke Xueqin followed the delegation.


Wang Jianping successively came to Jiangxi Xindian Auto Air Conditioning System Co., Ltd., Nanchang Zhiyue Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Yitong Tuned Car Co., Ltd., Beilun Science Industry, and Chinese Medical Examination, etc. visited the project and on-site coordinated to solve the problems encountered in the development of the plant, such as plant construction, water supply, and policy assistance. At the site of the new electric air-conditioning, Zhiyue technology and other projects, Wang Jianping hopes that the company must speed up the construction progress, reverse the project to promote the program, to ensure that the project will be delivered on time. In Jiantong Automobile, Beilun Science, and Chinese Medical Examination, Wang Jianping expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the project, and asked related departments to increase service and take the initiative to do a good job of docking to help enterprises solve the difficulties encountered in the process of advancement. The problems will create a good development environment for the company and lay a solid foundation for achieving the goal of “crossing 200 billion yuan and recreating new blue sky”.