On the afternoon of the 8th, the County Federation of Trade Unions convened a four-member (enlarged) meeting of the thirteenth session. Wu Wenwei, deputy director of the county people's congress standing committee and chairman of the county general federation of trade unions, attended and made keynot speech. He demanded that the county-level trade union organizations should unify their aspiration and understanding. The province’s general and city’s overall decision-making deployments have been unified. They have unified the work of county and district centers, and have established a target, done a report, conducted a survey, figured out a base, expanded a team, grasped a batch of projects, and created a batch of Demonstration, running a series of inclusive activities, etc., arouse the strong driving force for the development of the trade unions in the new era, and urge the grass-roots trade unions to truly “strengthen, turn up, and live together”.


At the meeting, the spirit of the provincial and municipal federation of trade unions was conveyed in written form, and the county labor union 6123 engineering work was deployed, and the collectives and advanced individuals of the 2017 trade union work were praised and awarded.