A few days ago, the county held a trade union system work style construction meeting. Wu Wenwei, deputy director of the county people's congress standing committee and chairman of the county federation of trade unions, attended and made the speech.


He stressed that the county’s trade union organizations and cadres at all levels should clearly understand the current situation, persist in problem orientation, focus on outstanding issues such as “fear, slow, false, mediocre, and casual”, and dare to take on the responsibility and courage to seize opportunities and passionate officers. Truth-seeking, truth-seeking, catching the iron and marking, being good at learning, persisting in learning, consolidating ideals, diligent and honest, working in accordance with the law, performing duties according to regulations, concentrating on ideological and energetic efforts in the cause of the trade unions, uniting and mobilizing the masses of workers and staff for the full implementation of the county Three-year decisive action, struggling to open a new era, "the city as a leader, the province's flagpole" of the new journey and made contributions.