On the morning of the 10th, the “Nanchang City Women Entrepreneurs Association” and the City’s “Dual Purchase” Poverty Alleviation Matchmaking Ceremony were held at Lixin Primary School in Jiangxiang Township. Tao Hanguang, Director of the City's Organization Office, and Fu Su, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce Minister Chen Taoguo, member of the county standing committee, attended the meeting.

Tao Hanguang said in his speech that it will continue to focus on precision poverty alleviation. While strengthening project construction and improving villagers' production and living conditions, it will also increase industrial poverty alleviation and employment poverty alleviation work, and strengthen contacts with business friends such as the Municipal Women Entrepreneurs Association. With communication, we help Lixin Village develop and develop characteristic industries, and strive to establish a prosperous road of poverty alleviation through employment and poverty alleviation through industry.

Tao Yiguo hopes that the elites of the Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs, companies and other friends of the business community will always pay attention to support the work of Lixin Village in poverty alleviation, strive to reach cooperation in a wider range and in more fields, and work together to build a road to poverty alleviation. To create a record of poverty alleviation.

At the docking ceremony, the Municipal Women Entrepreneurs Association held a shopping exchange with Lixin Village.