On the morning of the 12th, Zheng Xianglong, chairman of the County People's Political Consultative Conference, came to Niuwan Village in Qikou Township and visited the object of the poverty-stricken. He sent them warm care and regards.


Zheng Xianglong visited the homes of Chen Tiancheng, Chen Tianxiong, and Shu Shuifeng, who were precision poverty alleviation aids in Niuwan Village, and inquired in detail about their physical condition, production and living, and medical treatment, and sent them a Dragon Boat Festival sympathy product to encourage them. They must strengthen their confidence in life and make a good life through personal efforts and help from the outer units. At the same time, the township and village leaders should pay more attention to the production and living of poor households, carry out good help for different poor individuals, and effectively help them solve the practical difficulties in production and life. During the visit, Zheng Xianglong emphasized that innovative measures should be innovated to mobilize and mobilize all social forces to participate in poverty alleviation so as to ensure that all objectives and tasks of the poverty reduction work are implemented and that the living standards of the poor households are continuously improved so that the hard-pressed people can live a good life.