On September 30, it was the fifth "Martyrs' Day" in China and the first Martyrs' Day after the official implementation of the "Law of the People's Republic of China". This morning, our county held the Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Tower in Nanchang County. The 2018 Martyrs Memorial Day public offering. County Party Secretary Hu Xiaohai, county party deputy secretary, county head Chen Xiang, county party committee deputy secretary Tan Bole, county people's congress standing committee director Huang Zhiliang, county CPPCC chairman Zheng Xianglong and other county deputy county level leaders attended the event.

At 8:30 a.m., the commencement of the public memorial ceremony began with the live singing of the National Anthem of the People's Republic of China. Chen Xiang, Deputy Secretary of the county Party committee and county governor, read the memorial, which deeply remembered the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs, recalled the glorious course of the revolutionary martyrs'arduous struggle, and accompanied by the melodious melody of the Flower Song, two soldiers of the army Lift up the flower basket and walk slowly up the steps, placing the flower basket in front of the memorial tower. Hu Xiaohai, Secretary of the county Party committee, came solemnly to the flower basket, carefully arranged the tie of the flower basket, and deeply remembered the revolutionary martyrs. The Young Pioneers sang "We Are the Successors of Communism", expressing their aspirations to inherit the martyrs'will and serve the Communist ideal. Members of the public memorial service bowed to the revolutionary martyrs and looked up at the revolutionary martyrs' memorial tower.