On October 8, Nanchang County Municipal Supervisory Bureau convened the 21st General Office Meeting, which conveyed the spirit of the meeting on deepening the market environment of civilized cities and creating civilizations. The meeting calls for the overall situation must attach great importance to the building of civilization, and the spirit of the city council meeting to every cadre and staff.

In accordance with the assessment requirements of the Municipal Bureau, the office should formulate the implementation plan of Gong Wen Gong Wei's work, further clarify the working standards, decompose the tasks into place, and fulfill the responsibilities of the people, so as to make every effort to fight Gong Wen Gong Wei's "sprint warfare" and "battle against difficulties". Continue to focus on market order purification, six small industries rectification and other special work, to complete the city and county government issued a comprehensive environmental rectification task, to ensure that our bureau in the Gong Wen Gong Wei campaign achieved outstanding results.