On the afternoon of the 9th, Tan Bole, Deputy Secretary of the county Party committee, went deep into villages and towns like Youlan, Jiangxiang, Nanxin and Wuyang to inspect the well-off demonstration villages (high-quality promotion points) projects and town renovation, accompanied by Hu Chaohui, deputy county governor.

Tan Bole has inspected the well-off demonstration village project of Shatang Feiyi Culture Village in Youlan Town, the well-off demonstration village project of Jiangpi Industry New Village, the exquisite promotion point project of Hexi Water Charm Village, the well-off demonstration village of Tujia in Baian Village of Jiangxiang Town, the well-off demonstration village project of Jiajia in Gaowu Village, the transformation project of Nanxinxiang Market Town, and Wuyang Town. Qiancheng village xujiahao demonstration village project, a detailed understanding of the progress of project construction. Tan Bole hopes that all townships and townships will intensify the construction of well-off demonstration villages, adhere to high-quality construction, constantly improve the infrastructure of "seven reforms and three networks" and the construction of "8+4" public service facilities, and at the same time, highlight the "one village, one scene", "one village, one rhyme" and "one village, one industry" to fully demonstrate. Demonstrate the beauty of rural ecology and humanities, and truly build a well-off demonstration village project into a highlight project.