On the morning of the 30th, the county and district government system launched a loyal, innovative, responsible, service-oriented, and excellent government construction mobilization deployment meeting. Wang Jianping, director of the Management Committee of Xiaolan Economic Development Zone, deputy secretary of the county party committee, Chen Xiang, county head, Liu Feng, Ke Xueqin, Wu Hua, Tao Yiguo, Jiang Zhenguo, Wan Jianbo, Liu Yu, Fu Xiangyu, Xu Fei Xiong Mingquan, Zhou Qinglu, political commissar of the County Public Security Bureau, member of the party committee of the county government, Li Guangxiang, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiangtang Development Zone, and Li Jianhong, director of the Xiangtang Development Zone Administrative Committee.

Wang Jianping emphasized that building a "five-type" government is a unified deployment made by the provincial party committee, the provincial government, the municipal party committee, and the municipal government based on their development needs and their own actual conditions. The cadres of the county and district government system must unify their thinking, raise their understanding, deeply understand the rich connotation and significance of the "five-type" government construction, conscientiously benchmark the mission objectives of the "work plan", do a good job of implementation, and ensure the "five-type" government The construction has achieved tangible results.

Wang Jianping demanded that the "heart" of absolute loyalty be cast, and that Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics should be continuously studied in depth, and that learning and understanding should be realized. We must take the "flag" of reform and innovation, carry out reform and innovation throughout the whole process, and open the "gate" of high-quality leap-forward development in the county with the "golden key" of reform and innovation. It is necessary to fulfill the "responsibility" of performing duties, firmly establish the standard of "doing first-class work, creating first-class performance" and make a high level of work. It is necessary to establish the "beneficiary" of serving the people; concentrate on helping enterprises and the masses to solve the most difficult and most difficult problems, and use a piece of people's livelihood and good things to benefit enterprises and the masses. It is necessary to strengthen the "base" of hard work; strive to develop "excellent skills", become a "policy pass" familiar with government affairs, a "leader" for entrepreneurial entrepreneurship, and a "all-rounder" for service development.

Wang Jianping emphasized that all localities and departments must strengthen the organizational leadership and the responsibility of compacting the work of the standard, closely follow the development goal of “the city as the leader, the province's tree benchmarking pole”, and insist on the “five-type” government construction as the general grasp. Continuously improve the work level of the county and district governments, create a high-quality core fulcrum for the Greater Nanchang metropolitan area, help enlarge and strengthen the Nanchang metropolitan area, and promote a new and greater contribution to the high-quality leap-forward development in Nanchang.

Chen Xiang asked; to highlight the awareness. All localities and departments should study and formulate local and local departments' implementation plans in accordance with the county-level work plan and organizational structure, and form a first-level and first-level work pattern. It is necessary to highlight the implementation of responsibility. All responsible units and departments must take the initiative to take the initiative, claim the task, and implement the responsibility to ensure that all work tasks take root and blossom. To highlight the normal long-term. All localities and departments should create a strong atmosphere for the construction of “five-type” in the county through multi-channel, multi-modal and multi-platform propaganda. It is necessary to strengthen the supervision and assessment. The relevant supervision departments of the county and district should conduct all-round, multi-channel and three-dimensional supervision and supervision work, so as to strictly enforce the investigation and force the construction of the "five-type" government to ensure tangible results.

The meeting read out the "Work Plan for the Construction of the "Five Types" Government of the County and District Government System" and the "Notice on the Establishment of the "Five Types" Government Construction Leading Group of Nanchang County (Xiaolan Economic Development Zone)".