On the afternoon of the 31st, Li Peng, deputy secretary of the Tonggu County Party Committee, led a delegation of Tonggu County to visit the county to inspect the construction of the Wisdom Party and the establishment of a civilized county. The county party committee member Tao Yiguo and others accompanied him.The drum county investigation team has come to the County Discipline Committee meeting room, Liantang Town Wangjia Community, Silver Triangle Wisdom Party Group Service Center and County Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau to learn more about the operation of the county's wisdom disciplinary inspection and supervision platform, infrastructure construction, civilized community creation, and wisdom party building. Construction and administrative approval services, etc. During the inspection, Li Peng and others highly praised the successful experience and achievements of the creation of civilized cities in our county. They believe that there are many studies worthy of learning in the county to further promote the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, the promotion of wisdom discipline inspection and supervision, and the scientific development of grassroots party organizations. Experiences and practices have a good reference for the development of Tonggu County, and hope that the two places should further strengthen communication and exchanges to better serve local economic and social development.