Following the listing of six provincial government agencies, including the Provincial Department of Natural Resources and the Provincial Emergency Management Department on November 3, the provincial forestry bureau, the provincial health committee, the provincial Chinese medicine administration and the provincial government foreign affairs office, and other three provincial governments. The institution is listed. Provincial leaders Liu Qiang, Sun Jusheng and Wu Zhongqiong attended the listing ceremony of relevant institutions.

When attending the provincial forestry bureau's listing ceremony, Liu Qiang pointed out that deepening the reform of the forestry management system is a major strategic deployment made by the Party Central Committee. The establishment of the Jiangxi Provincial Forestry Bureau officially marks the opening of a new chapter in the reform of forestry institutions and the development of forestry in our province. The provincial forestry bureau should do a good job in the organization and implementation of the reform of forestry institutions, properly handle the relationship between reform, development, and stability, and ensure that all reform tasks are completed within the prescribed time limit; in accordance with the requirements of “only green, no green” We will do a good job in afforestation, resource conservation, forestry reform, and industrial development; we must earnestly enhance the ideological consciousness and action consciousness of promoting the construction of the "five-type" government, and continuously promote the forestry system to clean up the political and ecological construction. Higher levels of standards to create a beautiful Chinese "Jiangxi model" to make new and greater contributions.

When attending the opening ceremony of the Provincial Health and Health Committee and the Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sun Jusheng pointed out that it is necessary to focus on the center, serve the overall situation, and put health and health work in the overall situation of reform and development in the province to think, plan, and lead the work. Good organization and implementation, coordination with relevant departments, coordination, and promotion; to take this institutional reform as an opportunity to further strengthen responsibility, optimize industry style, and continuously improve service capabilities, service levels, service quality, Service efficiency; we must firmly establish the concept of great health and great health, and actively adapt to the new requirements of reform. We must learn from the advanced concepts and experiences at home and abroad, and we must proceed from reality, boldly explore, actively innovate, and constantly crack the development of health care. Deep contradictions and problems.

When attending the opening ceremony of the Foreign Affairs Office of the provincial government, Wu Zhongqiong pointed out that it is necessary to focus on the country's overall diplomatic "main task", to serve the country's major development strategy, to serve the country's external exchanges, and to serve the country's foreign cultural exchanges throughout the foreign affairs work, and resolutely We will implement the major policies and decision-making arrangements for the work of the central affairs of the central government, and ensure that the foreign affairs work in our province always moves in the right direction; we must focus on the "main strategy" of the province's open development, give full play to the role of the foreign trade department's bridges, and open up international channels. To build a business platform and other initiatives to act as a "quick pioneer" for attracting investment and market development; to focus on strengthening the "main protection" of self-building, earnestly strengthen the leadership of the party's foreign affairs work, strengthen foreign affairs management, and strictly discipline foreign affairs. We must do a good job in team building and strive to build a "foreigner-oriented soldier" with political integrity and professional proficiency.