On the afternoon of the 5th, the provincial “four good rural roads” demonstration county assessment team led by Wu Minghan, deputy inspector of the Provincial Department of Transportation, came to the county to assess and accept the “four good rural roads” demonstration county creation work, deputy secretary of the county party committee, county magistrate Chen Xiang, deputy director of the Municipal Transportation Bureau Yu Jianping, deputy county magistrate Liu Yu and so on.

The provincial assessment team watched the propaganda film of the “four good rural roads” demonstration county in the county, and listened to the report on the work of the county. Chen Xiang briefly introduced the economic and social development of the county, and said that in the next step, our county will follow the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the construction of the “four good rural roads” and the provincial-level demonstration county of “four good rural roads”. With the goal of “building, managing, protecting and operating well”, the carrier will fully promote the construction of the “Four Good Rural Roads” and strive to showcase the highlights of the “Four Good Rural Roads” in the province. Subsequently, the provincial assessment component for the construction management inspection team and the transportation management verification team went deep into some towns and towns in the county to understand the county road upgrade and transformation, township management institutions, etc. by listening to reports, field research, and viewing account information. The work of building and managing the transportation, the township and township public transportation, and the highway super-supervising work.

During the assessment, the assessment team fully affirmed the establishment work of the “Four Good Rural Roads” demonstration county in our county. It is believed that the county government in the rural road construction is highly valued, invested heavily, with high construction standards, hard management measures, and operational effects. it is good. I hope that our county will continue to intensify its work. In accordance with the requirements of high construction standards and good management and protection, we will vigorously innovate the rural road construction and management model and operational mechanism, actively promote the coordinated development of the construction, management and transportation, and further improve the rural road network system. Promote the rapid development of urban and rural integration. At the same time, we must improve the safety supervision of rural roads, strengthen the safety of rural passenger transportation, resolutely prevent and contain all kinds of safety accidents, and strive to create a safe and smooth traffic environment, and win the battle for the "four good rural roads". .