On the morning of the 7th, Mayor Liu Jianyang came to the county to investigate the water quality of the section of the Nanhu Lake in Poyang Lake. Vice Mayor Ling Wei, Fan Sanbao, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee, County Governor Chen Xiang, and Deputy County Chief Hu Chaohui accompanied.

Liu Jianyang came to the section of Nanhu Village, Poyang Lake, in the county of Youlan Township, and inspected the water environment pollution control work in the lake area. After listening to the report on the situation, Liu Jianyang requested that the problem should be identified and the disease should be identified. The number is clear, the problem is oriented, and the measures are implemented accurately to ensure that the self-examination problem is effectively solved.

In the investigation, Liu Jianyang emphasized that all localities and departments should be responsible for the soil and form a synergy mechanism. In accordance with the requirements of “global planning, source management, comprehensive policy, and coordinated operations”, the city will take the lead, invite industry experts, strengthen field research, and coordinate theory. Synchronize with practice, strengthen the study of primary and secondary associations, and accelerate the qualitative and quantitative transformation. It is necessary to further implement the "river and lake long" system and rely on the "Liangyang Lake Nanchang Lake District Ecological Environment Special Renovation Leading Group" to establish a long-term working mechanism. It is necessary to strengthen the centralized treatment of urban sewage, strictly prohibit river sand mining, expand the scope of ban, further increase the remediation of livestock and poultry breeding pollution, and conscientiously do a good job of "returning the look back" in the banned areas to prevent the banned areas from being shut down. The banned livestock and poultry farms have revived; further strengthen the aquaculture environmental management, adjust the aquaculture methods along the lake and along the river, promote the “people to raise the heavens”, and create a demonstration farm for aquaculture. To implement comprehensive river and lake management, in accordance with the "Nanchang City Water Environment Management Comprehensive Plan", increase urban river and lake pollution remediation efforts, accelerate the implementation of rivers and lakes water pollution control projects, dredging, sewage interception, beautification, greening along the lake environment, Continue to improve the city's water environment, water landscape, water ecology.