On the afternoon of the 18th, Chen Xiang, Deputy Secretary of the county Party committee and county governor, presided over the 61st standing meeting of the county government. Tao Yiguo, the Standing Committee of the County Committee, the Standing Vice-President of the County Committee, Wan Jianbo, Liu Yu, Min Meigen, Hu Chaohui, Li Guangxiang, member of the Party Group of the County Government and Secretary of the Party and Labor Committee of Xiangtang Development Zone, attended the meeting. Li Jianhong, Director of Xiangtang Development Zone Management Committee, attended the meeting.
First of all, the conference watched "Media Focusing Mirror" and briefed on the implementation of the rectification of the previous issue of Media Focusing Mirror and the problems reflected in this issue. The conference affirmed the effectiveness of the rectification of the previous media spotlight problem. In view of the problems of shop in Xiangyang Road reflected by the current concentrating mirror and the pits and piles of rubbish on the pavement of Fushan No. 3 Road, it is required that county management, residential construction and various platforms companies should reflect deeply and put forward treatment opinions together with their respective towns and townships so as to dispose of and implement them as soon as possible.
The spirit of the Eleventh Plenary (Expanded) Meeting of the Nanchang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China was conveyed and studied in writing. The meeting emphasized that we should recognize the current development situation, grasp the key to the current development, solve the current development problems, with a more vigorous spirit, more effective measures and more solid work to ensure that the year-round goals and tasks are completed on schedule.
The meeting heard and considered the instructions on learning and implementing the Regulations on the Protection of Wetlands in Jiangxi Province and the Regulations on the Protection and Management of Wetlands; the instructions on speeding up the implementation of the "1+5+X" Community Neighborhood Center; and the instructions on further improving the land valuation management measures in Nanchang County.