On the morning of the 20th, the secretary of the county party committee, Hu Xiaohai, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiaolan Economic Development Zone, and Wang Jianping, director of the Xiaolan Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee, went deep into the park to inspect the promotion of major key projects. County leaders Xu Feng, Ke Xueqin, Tu Lihua, Tao Yiguo, Hu Chaohui and so on.

Hu Xiaohai and Wang Jianping successively came to the Shanghai Hugong Aerospace Military Equipment Manufacturing Base and the Jimin Trust Biomedical Industrial Park to discuss the progress of the project construction and the difficulties and problems encountered in the project promotion process. Later, a symposium was held and the work report of the relevant departments was heard.

Hu Xiaohai emphasized that Shanghai Hugong Aerospace Military Equipment Manufacturing Base and Jimin Trust Biomedical Industrial Park are major key projects of the province, city and county. All localities and departments should attach great importance to it and firmly establish the project as the king concept. For the main line, clear time nodes, go all out to speed up project construction; strengthen site management, accelerate the construction of smart sites, ensure safe construction, civilized construction, and standard construction; strengthen environmental sanitation around the site and accelerate the construction of supporting road networks. We will do a good job in providing various guarantees such as water supply and power supply, and create good conditions for the smooth progress of the project; we must strengthen service docking, actively help enterprises solve practical difficulties, and work together to promote project construction.