On the afternoon of the 22nd, Mayor Liu Jianyang went deep into Nanxin Township of our county to conduct research on the rectification of the port terminal. Vice Mayor Song Yu, Fan Sanbao, deputy secretary of the county party committee, and county magistrate Chen Xiang, etc., accompanied the investigation.

Liu Jianyang and others came to Nanxin Township to inspect the operation of the terminal of Yihai Kerry (Nanchang) Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. and the production and operation status of the company, and to understand in detail the impact on the enterprise since the illegal dock rectification operation. Liu Jianyang affirmed the achievements of the current illegal dock rectification work in our county. He stressed that it is necessary to continue to promote the high standard construction and high-level management of port terminals according to the law, and comprehensively push open the dock to re-green, and build the beautiful Minjiang River coastline to the people. At the same time as rectifying illegal docks, timely temporary transition measures should be taken to ensure the production and operation of enterprises. The follow-up work on the illegal dock rectification work should be steadily and steadily carried out, and follow-up should be carried out. It is necessary to open a good bureau and better collect the tail, laying a solid foundation for the next unified planning and construction of the province and the city.