On the evening of the 23rd, Chen Xiang, Deputy Secretary of the county Party committee and county governor, went to Dayi Village Primary School in Wuyang Town to crack down on the demobilization points of pyramid retailers and dispatch on the spot to crack down on illegal pyramid selling. Chen Jianhua, the Standing Committee of the County Committee, the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, Wan Jianbo, and Xu Fei, deputy county governors, participated.
Chen Xiang and others listened to the progress report of the county's anti-pyramid marketing work, and fully affirmed the measures and achievements of the county's anti-pyramid marketing work in the previous stage. Chen Xiang asked that effective measures should be taken to strengthen supervision and regulation around the requirements of "three inspections, three dozens", focusing on key links such as housing intermediaries, landlords, tenants and the repatriation of pyramid retailers. It is necessary to expand the clues of pyramid selling, through the investigation and management of housing intermediaries, landlords, tenants, water supply and power supply data analysis, timely grasp and dig deep information about pyramid selling pits, and improve the accuracy of cracking down on pyramid selling. We should intensify propaganda efforts, give full play to the role of Party members, cadres and the masses, actively create a strong atmosphere for the whole people to crack down on pyramid selling, and ensure that the county's efforts to crack down on pyramid selling achieve tangible results.