On the morning of the 25th, a symposium on Party building in the county's CPPCC system was held. Zheng Xianglong, chairman of the county's CPPCC, Liu Tingai, vice-chairman, health, Xiong Mingquan, Fan Fangping, Li Chengxing, Huang Zhiqing and Wang Fang attended.
After listening to the relevant speeches of various commissions and relevant departments, Zheng Xianglong stressed that we should have a deep understanding of the necessity and urgency of strengthening the CPPCC's party building work and firmly promote the party building of the county CPPCC system.
We should lead the work of the CPPCC to develop with high quality, give full play to the leading role of the CPPCC party group, unite and lead the county CPPCC organizations and the CPPCC members, focus on the work of county committees and county government centers to perform their duties and fulfill their responsibilities, and exert two-way efforts in advising on management and cohesion of consensus. Focusing on the development orientation of the core fulcrum of speeding up the construction of the high-quality development of the Greater Nanchang Metropolitan Area and the target task of "three-year decisive action", we should focus on promoting the construction of major projects, upgrading the quality of industrial and urban construction and management, transformation of government functions, precise poverty alleviation and Party building in the new era, and scientifically arrange research and inspection activities. Active, solid ground gas, sincerely listen to the voice of the people, to form a high-quality survey report, for the county committee decision-making as a good adviser. We should persist in innovating and highlighting its characteristics, strive for first-class efficiency improvement, constantly improve the quality of Party building in the spirit of self-revolution, and promote the cause of CPPCC in our county to create a new situation, step up a new stage and write a new chapter.
At the meeting, the "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Construction of the CPPCC Party in the County in the New Era" was interpreted.