On the morning of the 27th, the county-wide conscription meeting was held in the county's Ministry of Human Resources and Wushu in 2019. Chen Xiang, Deputy Secretary of the county Party committee, county head and head of the leading group of the county conscription work, attended and delivered speeches. Tao Yiguo, standing and standing deputy head of the county Party committee, Zhang Zhouping, political Committee of the county's Ministry of Human Resources and Wushu, Wan Jianbo, deputy director of the county public security, and Bai Zhengshan, Deputy
Chen Xiang pointed out that it is the duty-bound responsibility of Party committees, governments and military service organs at all levels to accomplish the task of conscription with high standards and quality. It is also the concrete embodiment of the firm implementation of Xi Jinping's strategic thought of strengthening the army. All local departments should recognize the situation, improve their positions and effectively strengthen their political responsibilities in the recruitment work.
Chen Xiang calls for strengthening leadership, close coordination, and truly forming a collective force for joint management. Party committees at all levels, military service organs and functional departments should be highly responsible and strict standards, carefully deployed, carefully arranged, coordinated, quality and quantity to complete the recruitment task this summer. Strict standards, clear responsibilities and faithful performance of the functions and missions of the Party Committee and government should be ensured. The main leaders of each unit should personally inquire into conscription work, study important issues, grasp the five-rate quantitative evaluation of conscription, constantly innovate measures, accomplish this year's conscription task with high standards and quality, strive to achieve the satisfaction of the masses, the young recruits and the troops, so as to realize the "Chinese Dream". "Dream of a Strong Army" has made greater contributions.
Tao Yiguo presided over the meeting. Zhang Zhouping summarized the recruitment work last year and deployed the recruitment work this year. Bai Zhengshan read out a commendation notice.