On 23rd, our county held "big America nanchang county gao praises the motherland" chorus competition (preliminary competition), the county leader tan bole, huang zhiliang, zheng xianglong, pan ling, wu hua, wang zhonghua, zhang zhouping, wu wenwei and the county court President hu jianhua, the county procuratorate chief wu shuming watched the competition.
At the competition site, 22 participating teams and more than 2000 cadres and employees from county organs and units sang songs to express their patriotic feelings, eulogized the greatness of the motherland, and praised the prosperity and strength of the motherland.Fully demonstrated the changnan organ party member cadre loves my China, loves my hometown good spirit outlook.
After fierce competition, ten teams from the county education and sports bureau, the united front work department of the county committee, the county commerce bureau, the federation of industry and commerce, the bureau of finance, the bureau of civil affairs, the bureau of retired military affairs, the post office, the cnooc jiangxi company united, the county discipline inspection commission and other teams entered the final.

Zheng xianglong attended the fifth inspection group of county party committee inspection jingkou township party committee feedback and rectification work mobilization meeting
On the morning of 18th, the fifth inspection group of the county committee of the town party feedback and rectification work will be held, county CPPCC chairman zheng xianglong attended.
After listening to the county party committee fifth inspection group about jing mouth township inspection feedback, zheng xianglong pointed out that the inspection group pointed out the problem is practical and realistic, to the point, the relevant units to take the initiative to claim, according to the single all accept, with a clear attitude, firm determination to pay attention to the rectification, to ensure that the rectification work is not a formality, not a mere formality;To adhere to the problem orientation, do not do up and down the general thick, to adhere to the comprehensive coverage, do not do only choice, do not let go of the problem, do not correct not in place do not let go;We should tighten the system cage, improve the political effect of inspection and rectification, and provide a strong style guarantee for making the core fulcrum of high-quality development in the metropolitan area of nanchang.