On the morning of 28th, the 20th meeting of the 16th county people's congress standing committee was held.County people's congress standing committee director huang zhiliang, deputy director xiong ying, wu wenwei, jiang zhenguo, peng yinfeng, liu xiaomao attended the meeting.Deputy county head wu xi, county court President hu jianhua, county prosecutor general wu shuming attended the meeting.
At the meeting, deputies to the 15th nanchang people's congress were elected by by-elections.We considered the appointment and removal of personnel.Huang zhiliang asked that the newly appointed leading cadres should establish a sense of learning and strive to improve their quality.To establish a sense of responsibility to ensure justice;Must establish the overall situation consciousness, earnestly safeguards for the development;We should establish the awareness of the people's congress, adhere to the judiciary for the people, and constantly improve the people's satisfaction and sense of achievement.
The meeting also heard and deliberated the report of the county people's government on the integration of the basic medical insurance system for urban and rural residents.County people's government on the development of "toilet revolution" work report.