Wang jianping, director of the management committee of xiaolan jingkai district, presided over the 10th director's office meeting of the management committee in 2019. Ke xueqin, member of the party work committee of xiaolan jingkai district and secretary of the discipline work committee, tu lihua, member of the party work committee and deputy director of the management committee, and yu ning, deputy director of the management committee attended.
The meeting heard the periodic report on environmental protection work in xiaolanjingkai district.The meeting required that we should persevere in the work of ecological and environmental protection, earnestly rectify and implement environmental protection problems, make up the shortcomings of the work, strengthen daily supervision, fully implement responsibilities, form joint efforts, and ensure the region's ecological and environmental protection work to achieve real results.
The meeting listened to the "report on the recent work safety of the region".The meeting emphasized;The whole region should tighten the safety production line, constantly strengthen the safety supervision, continuously promote the large-scale inspection and renovation of production safety, and earnestly do all work related to production safety, so as to ensure the overall stability of production safety situation in the region.
The meeting heard and deliberated the report on regional industrial economy operation in the first half of 2019.