On the morning of June 16, ouyang jianxiong, deputy secretary-general of the provincial people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) and full time deputy chairman of the provincial committee for the advancement of democracy, and wang guang, deputy chairman of nanchang municipal committee for the advancement of democracy and vice chairman of the CPPCC of qingyunpu district, went to wuyang town to conduct research on the development of prefabricated construction industry.County CPPCC vice chairman xiong mingquan accompanied.
OuYangJianXiong successively came to Jiang Xiwu Yang prefabricated building such as industrial park and nanchang municipal building industrial co., LTD., and other enterprises, visit the understanding of prefabricated components production, transportation, hoisting quality, etc., then came to hangzhou xiao technology co., LTD., jiangxi green construction Wu Yang prefabricated construction pavilion, the prefabricated steel tube bundle of residential projects with PC prefabricated construction project carried on the thorough understanding.Ouyang jianxiong gave full affirmation to the measures and results of developing the prefabricated building industry in our county, and put forward ideas and Suggestions on how to further promote the development of this industry and solve the problems existing in the development.