Send cool autumn, fragrance of fruit.On the morning of 18th, jingkou township, gangshang town, youlan town, wuyang town and other places held 2019 scholarship activities. Zheng xianglong, chairman of the county CPPCC committee, wu hua, county standing committee member, secretary of the county discipline inspection committee, director of the county supervision committee, jiang zhenguo, kang jian, xiong mingquan, county procurator general wu shuming attended the activities.
Zheng xianglong, chairman of the county CPPCC, attended the 2019 outstanding college entrance examination students, outstanding teachers recognition and financial aid conference for poor students in jingkou township on the morning of June 18.He hopes that all students should aim high, always with a grateful heart, study hard, work hard to become a talented person;I hope that all teachers will be exemplary and always take the responsibility of educating people.Be a trusted "friend" of students;To be a dedicated "gardener";I hope you to stick to the good heart, often do things for the benefit of the people, take the initiative to care about, participate in and support the development of jingkou township education, let the love of donating money to help students inherit.At the meeting, 144 outstanding college entrance examination students, 30 outstanding primary and secondary school teachers were commended, and 61 poor students were funded.
On the morning of 18th, the third "xinyuan education fund" award conference was held.County party committee standing committee, county discipline inspection party secretary, county supervisory committee director wu hua, county people's congress standing committee deputy director jiang zhenguo, county procurator-general wu shuming, county guan works committee executive deputy director hu wei attended.
Wu hua congratulated the teachers and students who received the recognition and support, and hoped that gangshang town should strengthen the supervision, management and use of the education fund, call on more virtuous people to devote themselves to the glorious cause of helping the poor, and constantly improve the brand of "the hometown of culture" and "the hometown of talents".It is hoped that all teachers should strengthen their self-cultivation, cultivate moral sentiments, and contribute to the training of generations of qualified socialist builders and successors.
I hope that the funded students, to study hard, study hard, with practical action to return home, return to the society.
At the meeting, 1 person was admitted to tsinghua university, 6 people were admitted to 985 university, 24 people were admitted to liantang no.1 middle school and directional normal students, 20 excellent teachers and 30 excellent poor students were rewarded and funded. 
The 2019 scholarship and education conference was held in youlan town on the morning of July 18.County CPPCC vice chairman kang jian attended.
At the meeting, 147 excellent students, 28 teachers and 11 poor students were commended and funded.
On the morning of 18th, wuyang education and reward fund center held the fifth scholarship and education and celebration of the 35th teacher's day conference.County CPPCC vice-chairman xiong mingquan attended.
In the meeting, 94 students who passed the key high school examination, 161 students who passed the second college entrance examination or above, and 40 excellent students who passed the master's and doctor's degree examination were rewarded, 134 poor students and very poor students were subsidized, and 101 excellent teachers were praised and rewarded.