21 in the morning, the provincial trade union work in our county, innovative undertaking, deputy director of the standing committee of the provincial federation of trade unions chairman batty attend and speech, all the team members, provincial federation of trade unions in various districts city federation of trade unions, head of the main, the county party committee secretary, secretary of the party working Hu Xiaohai little blue by the open area, county peoples congress standing committee, deputy director of the county federation of trade unions chairman wen-wei wu attended the meeting.
Batty for our county federation of trade unions to explore the construction of "3 + 2" service concept, to build "information, capital, technology, education, business, characteristic" six service platform to give full affirmation, think my county union "double gen" work "relying on the party and government support, close to the actual demand, play a unique advantage and continuous power precisely, create a thick atmosphere" the experience of practice is worth popularizing in the province.
Gong jianhua requires that we should understand the great significance of mass entrepreneurship and innovation from a higher position, take more concrete measures to promote the healthy development of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, make greater efforts to build a brand featuring mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and promote the vivid practice of mass entrepreneurship and innovation with stronger guarantee.The trade union organizations at all levels in the province should constantly improve their positions, take the initiative to advance, unite and mobilize the province's workers to join the tide of "innovation and innovation", and take practical actions to reflect the mission of the trade union organization and show the responsibility of the trade union organization;The trade union organizations at all levels in the province should start from the problem-oriented and demand-oriented, take practical measures to encourage the staff to actively participate in the practice of "entrepreneurship and innovation", give full play to their intelligence and wisdom in their work positions, display their full abilities in promoting innovation, make achievements in striving to be the first, and make achievements in promoting development.
Batty stressed: we need to at this time as an opportunity, coagulation hearts meet force, should unite to guide to build one thousand party hundreds of broad worker masses stratagem innovation, hammering yong entrepreneurial vivid situation, make a new era of fully encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship flower bloom, to work together in depicting the new era of reform and development of jiangxi union power, new picture contribution to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China with the excellent achievement!
Hu xiaohai addressed the meeting and wu wenwei introduced the work experience of "double innovation" of the labor union in our county.
On the morning of that day, gong jianhua and others, accompanied by wang jian, director of the management committee of xiaolan jingkai district, visited the service station of the trade union entrepreneurship and innovation in xiaolan jingkai district and the home of the workers in xiaolan jingkai district, and inspected the implementation of the work of the trade union entrepreneurship and innovation in our county.